This is the place to start after spending time with the Essential Planning Guide. Learn the foundations of launching a retail bookstore. Whether you’ve made the decision to own a bookstore or are still exploring the possibilities, this is the place to start. Here you’ll learn what is needed to develop your business plan narrative and projections, which will serve as the foundation of your business.

Your business plan just got a lot easier with:

  • Information and insights from industry professionals
  • Book industry research
  • Links to valuable resources
  • Exercises & case study
  • Spreadsheets with automatic calculations for opening costs, financial projections, and a timeline for planning and tracking your opening tasks

What you’ll learn about the business of bookselling:

  • Overview of Online Training & Assessing the Skills You Bring to the Job
  • Competitive Advantages for Bricks-and Mortar Booksellers
  • Book Industry Trends
  • Start-up Investment
  • Banking and Securing Funds
  • Crowdfunding
  • Financial Dynamics of Retail Bookstores
  • How to Estimate Sales & Owner’s Earnings
  • Assessing the Strength of Your Location
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Opening Timeline
  • Summary & Next Steps

You’ll get answers to your questions about bookselling and tons of detail to help you develop your business concept.