Congratulations, You’re a Bookstore Manager!

When you are now the one in charge, you need a thorough understanding of the job and the many hats you have to wear to lead a sustainable bookstore business. New to retail management? New to owning a retail business? Just promoted and want to learn best practices? Never really received training for the job? If so, this online training program is for you.

This 12-session self-study program you can do at your convenience contains training videos, links, hand-outs, spreadsheets and exercises. Upon completion, you will:

  • Understand bookstore operations and best practices from buying and receiving to inventory management and vendor returns
  • Learn bookstore metrics and how to interpret financial reports to measure productivity and profitability
  • Be able to hire, train, schedule, and lead staff to create a positive and productive work culture
  • Receive an overview of how to grow the business through marketing and merchandising
  • Get tools to help prioritize work
  • Receive files for ready-to use forms for bookstore operations

For a full list of topics covered, click here.

Certificate of Achievement

 If you’d like to receive a Certificate of Achievement for your business plan  or your resume, submit your completed exercises to us and with successful fulfillment, we’ll send you a certificate that shows you’ve obtained training in bookstore management.