Working with us, you’ll have a unique and special sense of place – a competitive advantage when customers will say “Wow! What a great bookstore!

Each community is unique and deserves a special character for each independent bookstore design. When you work with us, you can expect a bookstore design with all of these elements carefully considered:

  • Merchandise selection, including gift items
  • Interior walls and configuration for office and receiving areas
  • Layout of fixtures and furniture
  • Specifications for manufactured and custom fixtures
  • Traffic flow and focal areas
  • Cash wrap configuration, technology needs
  • Unique children’s area
  • Fixtures for merchandise displays
  • Event staging and seating areas
  • Food and beverage service
  • Lighting design with suggested fixtures
  • Paint colors, flooring specifications, finishes for counters and casework

Donna and Liz work together with these goals: maximize the most prime selling areas in your space, configure counters that will help you spotlight customer service, and offer the kind of bookstore experience that inspires discovery and wonder.

  • Re-imagine existing bookstore space
  • Expand into additional space
  • Move to a new space
  • Create a new bookstore in an historic property
  • Transform a plain ‘vanilla box’ into a bookstore with character
  • Update lighting for improved ambiance and energy efficiency
  • Review photos and layout to provide fresh ideas

Design fees begin at $4/sq. ft. and are based on the condition of your space and the scope of work. 

Tell us about your project and we’re happy to submit a fixed-fee design proposal.